Water Information for Residents

Helpful Information

We hope that the following information will better assist you in understanding the City's Water, Sewer and Curbside Waste:
  • Basic garbage service is weekly curbside unlimited pick-up. Backyard limited pick-up is available at an additional cost.  Discounts are available for handicapped customers or senior citizens age 65 or older by filing the Request for Elderly/Handicapped Discount (PDF).
  • Bills are mailed monthly.
  • Bills may be paid by mail, at City Hall or through our convenient Auto Bill Payment (PDF). You may also pay at any Battle Creek Comerica Bank branch if you have the bill and the account is current.
  • Meters are read from the outside on a monthly basis.
  • Recycled items include newspapers and magazines, cardboard, plastic, clear and colored glass, and metal cans.
  • You must sign up for curbside recycling if you wish to have this service. Contact Republic Services at 269-216-8008. They will provide one cart at no charge.
  • Garbage customers whose property is vacant for 30 days or more may have their charges reduced. Waiver forms are available in the Billing Office or online (PDF).
  • Garbage and yard waste items are picked up weekly on your scheduled day and must be out by 6 a.m. or the night before. Recycling is picked up every other week.
  • Your curbside unlimited pick-up includes everything except car parts, toxic materials (paints, oils, etc.), construction materials.

Detecting Leaks

Water Meter

  • Make sure no water is being used in the house. Turn off all faucets, shower, washer, etc.
  • Check to see if the small water meter dial is moving by watching the meter for 3 - 5 minutes. If it does not move, chances are you have no leaks.
  • Check for slow leaks by reading the meter at night and again in the morning when you have not used water overnight. If the meter shows usage, you have a leak. If you have a water softener, check on a night when you are not recharging.


  • Look at the toilet bowl after the tank has stopped filling. If water is still running into the bowl or if you can hear it running, your toilet is leaking. Most toilet leaks happen at the overflow pipe or the plunger ball inside the tank.
  • Overflow pipe - take off the tank lid and flush. The water level should be 0.5 inch or so below the pipe. If it flows over the edge, you are losing water and need to adjust your float level.
  • Plunger Ball or Flapper Valve - your toilet could also have a silent leak. To check, drop food coloring in the tank. Do not flush and wait for about 10 minutes. If the food coloring appears in the bowl, you have a silent leak and it can probably be repaired with parts from your hardware store.
  • If your toilet is leaking and you cannot get it repaired right away, shut it off at the valve when you are not using it.

Outdoors & Elsewhere

  • Check all faucets, shower heads and outside spigots for drips. A slow drip loses 15 - 20 gallons per day.
  • Check for standing water on your basement floor, especially around the water heater, washer, water softener or water meter.

If You Need Help

If your meter shows you have a leak but you cannot locate it, call us, we can help 269-966-3366.