W.K. Kellogg Airport

About the Airport
W.K. Kellogg Airport is the base of operations for approximately 55 private individuals as well as Western Michigan University College of Aviation, the Battle Creek Air National Guard (federally designated the 110th Airlift Wing), Duncan Aviation, WACO Classic Aircraft and Centennial Aircraft Services.

The airport's tenant base is quite unique. When combined with its sister facility in Lincoln Nebraska, Duncan Aviation is the largest privately-owned aircraft re-manufacturing plant in North America. The WMU College of Aviation is the 3rd largest flight school in the United States. Waco Classic Aircraft is the only FAA certificated fixed-wing aircraft manufacturer in the State of Michigan.

Why Battle Creek?

Learn the answer is this airport promotional video, released in October 2016.

W.K. Kellogg Airport is located approximately 3 miles west of the City of Battle Creek and immediately south of the City of Springfield. The airport is situated on a 1,600-acre site, zoned for industrial use and is owned and operated by the City of Battle Creek.
The United States Presidential Airplane
For the 2011 calendar year, Kellogg Airport was the 5th busiest airport in Michigan. Additionally, on a national basis, in 2011 W.K. Kellogg Airport was ranked number 185 out of 512 towered airports. These rankings are conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration and are based on aircraft operations.