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Airfield Information
W.K. Kellogg Airport  15551 S Airport Rd, Battle Creek, MI 49015
Identifier BTL
Part 139  Yes - Class IV
Prior Permission Required (PPR) 48hr PPR for unscheduled air carrier operations with more than 30 passenger seats, call 269-966-3470
Elevation 952' MSL
Landing Fees  Yes (Click here for current rates)
Location 3 miles west of downtown Battle Creek
ATC Tower Operations  Class D: 6:00am to 10:00pm Daily (Eastern); otherwise Class G
Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Yes - Index A available 24hrs;      
Runway 5L-23R 10,004' x 150'; Asphalt Grooved
Gross Weight (in thousands): S-100; D-200; 2D-400; 2D/2D2-900
PCN: 27 /F/B/X/T
High Intensity Runway Lights (HIRL)
Precision Instrument Runway Markings
Runway 5L: VASI, REIL
Runway 23R: MALSR, PAPI, RVR-Touchdown zone; Right traffic pattern when Tower closed
Runway 5R-23L 4,000' x 75'; Asphalt
Gross Weight (in thousands): S-12.5
PCN: 13 /F/C/X/T
Medium Intensity Runway Lights (MIRL)
Non-Precision Instrument Runway Markings
Runway 5R: PAPI, REIL; Right traffic pattern when Tower closed
Runway 23L: PAPI, REIL
Runway 13-31 4,835' x 100'; Asphalt Grooved
Gross Weight (in thousands): S-40; D-65; 2D-100
PCN: 15 /F/C/X/T
Medium Intensity Runway Lights (MIRL)
Non-Precision Runway Markings
Runway 13: PAPI, REIL
Runway 31: PAPI, REIL
Traffic Pattern Altitude  Small (Single Engine Land and Multi Engine Land): 1952' MSL (1,000' AGL)
Turbine: 2452' MSL (1,500' AGL)
Land and Hold Short Operations Runway 5L: Hold short point is Runway 13-31, Landing distance available is 7,000'
ILS Runway 23R - CAT I
Pilot Control Lighting 10:00pm to 6:00am. Daily (Eastern)
MALSR: Runway 23R
HIRL: Runway 5L-23R
MIRL: Runway 5R-23L; Runway 13-31
REIL: Runways 5L, 5R, 23L, 13, 31
VASI: Runway 5L
PAPI: Runways 23R, 23L, 5R, 13, 31
Communications Ground: 121.7
Tower: 126.825
CTAF: 126.825, between 10:00pm and 6:00am (Eastern)
ATIS: 128.325
UNICOM: 122.95
ASOS: 128.325, 269-964-0283
Kalamazoo Approach/Depature: 119.2, for radar services between 6:00am and 11:00pm (Eastern)
Chicago Center: 127.55, for radar services between 11:00pm and 6:00am (Eastern)
Fuel Jet A, 100LL
Fixed Based Operators Duncan Aviation, 269-969-8400
Centennial Aircraft Services, 269-565-3200
Flight Service Station Lansing Radio - RCO: 122.2; 1-800-WX-BRIEF
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