Investigation Division

About the Division

The General Investigations Unit, commonly referred to as the Detective Bureau, is one specialty unit of the Investigations Division. It is comprised of a Major, Lieutenant, one Detective/Sergeant and eight Detectives.

The unit is responsible for the investigation of more complex crimes and its work often complements the work of Patrol Officers assigned to our nine patrol districts. Detective work is highly specialized, usually encompassing the examination and evaluation of evidence to apprehend suspects and to build solid cases against them. The unit ensures that each one of its Detectives conducts solid, high-quality investigations in a timely manner and that each investigation is handled efficiently, with dedication and professionalism.

Crimes that Detectives commonly investigate include homicides and serious assaults, adult and juvenile sex crimes, child abuse, robberies, frauds, identity theft and major larcenies. Complaints are typically generated by a Patrol Officer and assigned to the Detective Bureau for follow-up investigation. Those complaints that are found to be with merit are taken to either the city attorney or county prosecutor for criminal prosecution. Detectives work closely with the reporting parties and victims, involved officers, prosecutors, other law enforcement agencies and local support service agencies in these investigations.

The Fusion Center

About the Division

The Fusion Center is the information clearinghouse for the Battle Creek Police Department. We monitor daily crime trends, link the appropriate stakeholder to community concerns and we work to open communication lines between local law enforcement and community partners.

The Fusion Center is comprised of members of the Battle Creek Police Department, Juvenile Probation, CPS, Summit Pointe, MDOC Parole and Homeland Security. We also work hand in hand with our Community Services office; we understand that our job is to build relationships and to work diligently to make our community safe.