Loading Your Bike

Before you load your bike, please remove pumps, water bottles and locks which are being stored on your bike while you wait for the bus.
Loading you bike 1
Step 1
A quick wave to and eye contact with your bus operator before you step in front of the vehicle will let them know you intend to load your bicycle.
Loading you bike 2
Step 2
If the bus arrives with the bike rack folded against the bus, release it by pulling the handle up and lowering the rack.
Loading you bike 3
Step 3
If only one bike is being loaded, put it in the position furthest from the bus. Face your bicycle so that the front tire is facing the locking arm (the rack is labeled for your convenience). Lift your bicycle onto the rack.
Loading you bike 4
Step 4
With your bike’s wheels in the wheel wells, pull the spring-loaded locking arm out and over your front bike tire as close to the frame as possible. Make sure it is placed on your tire and not on the fender or frame.