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Hotel/Motel Ordinance 2020

More than 18 months ago, members of the city commission requested that a workshop be conducted to study concerns related to some problem hotels and motels within the City since the quality, safety and aesthetic condition of hotels and motels in Battle Creek are a reflection of community values. First impressions are a reflection of the community as a whole.

In 2000, the state legislature repealed the bulk of the statutory regulation of hotels and motels, which included eliminating hotel requirements, a statewide hotel inspector, and the state commission which was to oversee the safety and minimum requirements for hotels and motels. As a result, there are very few state statutes that regulate the operation of hotel and motel businesses.

A number of Michigan municipalities have adopted their own ordinances to regulate these business establishments in an attempt to provide some oversight on a local level since having safe, well maintained hotel and motel properties positively shape resident perceptions. In addition, safe and well maintained hotels and motels provide desirable places for potential employment recruits to stay when visiting and interviewing at local businesses, corporations and branches of military.

Ordinance adoption is scheduled on the Oct. 6, 2020 City Commission agenda.

Hotel/Motel Ordinance documents

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The Community Development Division administers the Community Development Block Grant and HOME Investment Partnership formula grant programs. Every five years, staff coordinate a community-wide planning and needs assessment process.This helps direct the way the funds are spent and supports local services, as well as collect and disseminate invaluable community feedback.

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