Snow Operations

Our Field Services Division crews -- and other staff who jump in when needed -- are involved in snow operations across the city generally from December until March.

This page contains plenty of information to keep you in-the-know about how we manage snow and ice. Take a look at our snow operations brochure, read through the FAQ and check out our social media accounts for weekly tips and reminders to help everyone get through the winter as smoothly and safely as possible.

Questions or comments? Send them to or give a call to the Field Services Division at 269-966-3507. 

Quick tips & information

  • To find which of the 13 maintenance sections of the city you live in, head over to our web page of section maps.
  • We have 300 miles of roads in the city that we maintain. That's 90 major roads, 205 local, and 34 state trunklines.
  • We often plow in tandem or in a convoy, especially on major roads. When you see multiple plows driving together, please don't cut in. This is dangerous for all vehicles.
  • There are 25 skilled crew members and 28 dump/plow trucks keeping the city clear during the winter. Their jobs the rest of the year include park mowing and maintenance, street sweeping, tree trimming, and much more.
  • Please remove basketball hoops from the street; the city is not responsible for damage.
  • The city does not have residential parking rules except in the declaration of a snow emergency. 
  • This graphic shows where to clear snow at your property to minimize the snow plowed back into your driveway. Some is inevitable, but we know that this can help:
Clear snow from this areato minimize snow plowedinto your driveway.Thank you! (1)

Click the image below for snow tips and information!

snow brochure front