Animal Control

Animal Control Officers (ACOs) respond to thousands of animal related complaints every year.  These include nuisance complaints such as barking dogs, stray cats and dogs, and aggressive animals. ACOs also investigate animal welfare and cruelty complaints and assist in removing deceased cats and dogs from city streets. ACO’s primarily enforce Chapter 8 of the Battle Creek City Code of Ordinances as well as State law when applicable.  The Battle Creek Police Department currently partners with the Calhoun County Animal Center for housing and care of cats and dogs impounded or otherwise taken to the shelter.  The Battle Creek Police Department also enjoys a unique partnership with All Species Kinship for help with injured wildlife, exotic animals, and farm birds.  Feral cat colonies are an increasing problem in Battle Creek. Animal Control is working with Companion Cats, a non profit organization, to reduce the feral cat population through a trap, neuter, and release program.

Contact Animal Control during their normal working hours of 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, by calling the police non-emergency number of (269) 781-0911.