Authorized marihuana facilities in the City of Battle Creek

Medical Marihuana Facilities

Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act - 2016

  • Grower
    • Class A - 500 plants
    • Class B - 1,000 plants
    • Class C - 1,500 plants
  • Processor
  • Provisioning Center
  • Secure Transporter
  • Safety Compliance Facility

Adult-Use Marihuana Establishments

Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act - 2018

  • Grower
    • Class A - 100 plants
    • Class B - 500 plants
    • Class C - 2,000 plants
  • Processor
  • Retailer
  • Secure Transporter
  • Safety Compliance Establishment
  • Microbusiness

Prohibited Marihuana Facilities

Designated Consumption Establishment
Excess Grow
Event Organizer
Temporary Event License

Battle Creek adopted our medical marihuana ordinance in February 2018, and our adult-use marihuana ordinance in October 2019.

  1. Jacquie McLean

    Cannabis Coordinator

Steps to obtain a marihuana license (medical or adult use)

  1. Apply for and receive pre-qualification approval from the State of Michigan.
  2. Submit Part A of the marihuana facility application to the City of Battle Creek.
    1. If the facility will be located in a T3 district, the applicant must apply for a Special Use Permit before submitting Part A of the marihuana application.
  3. If the application is approved, a 90-day conditional approval permit is issued.
    1. Within 90 days after receiving the conditional approval permit, the applicant must obtain site plan approval and apply for building permits.
  4. If the site plan and building permits are approved, a continuation of the 90-day permit is granted. The applicant should begin facility construction/build-out.
  5. After construction is complete, the applicant must request and receive a certificate of occupancy.
  6. The applicant has 90 days after the certificate of occupancy is issued to obtain the final state license and submit the City of Battle Creek Part B application and supporting documents.
  7. Once the Part B application is approved, the city will issue the final marihuana permit.
  8. The applicant may begin opening and operating the permitted marihuana establishment.

* Licenses must be renewed annually - renewal applications are due by Nov. 1 each year. *