Can Animal Control pick up a dead animal on the roadside?

Animal Control responds to requests to pick-up dead dogs and cats only.

Can Animal Control remove an aggressive dog from an irresponsible owner?

A dog is considered property, and Animal Control cannot remove someone’s property without official cause or a judge's order. As long as an owner keeps his dog(s) confined to his property and complies with City ordinances (Chapter 608), Animal Control cannot take any action against the owner, such as taking the person’s dog from them.

Can I trap animals?

It is legal to trap nuisance dogs and cats that have trespassed onto your property. There are humane traps that do not injure animals that can be rented or purchased at some feed stores and specialty rental outlets. All trapped dogs and cats must be brought into the shelter.

I am the manager of a mobile home park (or apartment complex) and we do not allow large breed dogs in our park. We have a tenant who has a big dog. Can Animal Control require the owner to get rid of the big dog?

Animal Control cannot enforce restrictions or contractual agreements with your tenants. Officers can only enforce violations of Battle Creek City animal ordinances.

I found a baby (or injured) bird/bunny can I bring it to you?

Animal Control encourages you to replace all baby birds and rabbits back into their nest as soon as possible so the parents may continue caring for them. In most cases, the mother will leave them alone and may only return once or twice per day. This behavior is normal and does not mean that the infant needs intervention. If the bird, rabbit or mother of the animal is injured or cannot be replaced, a wildlife rescue may be contacted.

I have a problem with wild animals getting into my garbage, what should I do?

Wild animals are scavengers. Keep garbage cans covered with the lids locked down. Do not feed domestic animals outside. Do not store wild bird food outside.

I received a citation or infraction. Where do I go to pay or arrange for a hearing?

Animal Control citations and infractions are adjudicated through the 10th District Court located at 161 E Michigan Ave, Battle Creek, MI 49014

My dog likes to ride in the back of my truck. What are the laws regarding him riding back there?

Failing to safely enclose the animal within the vehicle; or if in an unenclosed or partially enclosed vehicle, including but not limited to, convertibles, pick-up trucks, or flatbed trucks, failing to confine the animal in a container case or other device that is of proper and adequate size that will prevent the animal from falling from or jumping from the motor vehicle is unlawful.

My neighbor has an aggressive pit bull. It is in a fenced area but I am afraid of it. How do I go about getting it removed from the neighborhood?

It is NOT against any law in Calhoun County to own a pit bull or any other type of dog. As long as the owner complies with animal ordinances he/she may own any breed of canine.

My roommate has a dog and I help take care of it when he’s at work. When I let the dog go out he won’t come back when I call. Can I be held responsible for the dog?

Yes, as a dog caregiver or keeper you can be held responsible for the activity of the animal and can receive citations. Work with the dog and your roommate to find a way to control the dog.

What happens to the animals when Animal Control picks them up?

Dogs and cats without licenses, tags, or microchips are held 4 business days at the Calhoun County Animal Center. Licensed, tagged, or chipped dogs are held 7 business days. After the holding period is over, the animal is assessed for health, behavior and adoptability so that the pet can be moved into a new permanent home, a placement partner, or foster environment.

What is the limit of pets in Battle Creek and do my pets have to be documented?

The maximum number of dogs that may be owned on one property in the City of Battle Creek is three. The maximum number of cats is five. All dogs and cats residing in Battle Creek are required to be licensed through the city. This may be done at the City Hall located at 10 Division St N, Battle Creek, MI 49014. Officers should be notified if you feel that your neighbors are out of compliance.