Emergency Response Team


The Emergency Response Team (ERT) began in 1991 as a way to mitigate the threat to civilians and officers during potentially violent encounters. ERT is a group of sworn officers who are trained to respond to high risk incidents where conventional police tactics are ineffective. ERT is classified as a FEMA type II team and is responsible for responding to any type of tactical emergencies. Members assigned to ERT receive up to 200 hours annually of training in tactical movements and specialized equipment. They train with other state and federal tactical teams and are responsible to assist them with any State of Michigan 5th district tactical response.

ERT works closely with our K-9 Unit and Bomb Squad as well as the Battle Creek Fire Department and Life Care. The team averages 75 activations per year with the majority of the callouts assisting the Investigations Division and other law enforcement agencies. ERT is also activated for barricaded gunmen, hostage or active threat situations and any other high risk incident that road patrol officers aren’t sufficiently equipped to handle.

Members of ERT must be in good physical condition and have a tactical mindset. Team members are required to pass an annual physical agility and tactical proficiency test.