How will you pay for the Quiet Zone?
The budget for the project is $3.5 million, which already is in place through a previous bond issue. City staff are working with engineers from OHM Advisors to develop a preliminary budget and plan to bid out the improvements in early April. Work and improvements on railroad property will be done by the railroads via a reimbursable agreement.

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1. What is a Quiet Zone?
2. Why do trains sound their horns?
3. Why are train horns so loud?
4. How many trains drive through downtown Battle Creek?
5. What types of safety improvements are required to create a Quiet Zone?
6. Why is the city closing the Division, Fountain and Spencer Street crossings?
7. When will Battle Creek's Quiet Zone be in place?
8. How will you pay for the Quiet Zone?
9. Will trains ever sound their horns at Quiet Zone crossings?
10. How can I learn more about Quiet Zones?