Are there prohibited locations for medical marihuana businesses?


Based on current information, the state will restrict growing facilities to industrial and agricultural areas. Many cities are restricting further, keeping medical marihuana businesses a required distance away from schools, churches, parks, and residential properties. The City of Battle Creek has drafted conceptual maps, which show similar restrictions.

Click the link and scroll down the main Planning Division page to find the Medical Marihuana Maps

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1. What's the difference between the existing Michigan law, from 2008, and the new, effective December of 2016, law?
2. What are the five new medical marihuana licenses?
3. If the city allowed any of the licenses, where could they be located?
4. What are nearby communities doing regarding this issue?
5. If the state issues a license, does that automatically give local approval, too?
6. Are there prohibited locations for medical marihuana businesses?
7. Is there a minimum age to purchase marihuana?
8. Can grocery stores, liquor stores, or gas stations sell medical marihuana?
9. Why is marihuana spelled with an "h" and not a "j"?
10. If the city allows medical marihuana businesses, what can it regulate?
11. What's the difference between Michigan's medical marihuana and other states' recreational marijuana?
12. Will I be notified about a proposed medical marihuana business in my neighborhood?