What are the fares and charges?

Fare for services are displayed on the App at the time of booking. Fares are charged based on the miles of the trip. Fares are determined by Battle Creek Transit and may be changed from time to time. 

Payments will be processed in accordance with the method of payment selected at the time of booking by the User. Users who opt to pay fare at the time of boarding must have exact fare. Operators cannot make change and do not carry cash. Failure to pay for services when they become due and payable will entitle Operator to cancel the booking and/or refuse transportation to the User.  

Calhoun County Coordinated Mobility Pilot
Fare Structure
Miles of TripFare
< 6 miles$3.00
6 - 10 miles$5.00
11 - 15 miles$7.00
16 - 20 miles$10.00
> 20 miles$15.00

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