Why is MDOT doing this project?

The current road surface is deteriorated and requires additional maintenance, which is costly and time consuming for the City of Battle Creek's Field Services Division to perform. MDOT is scheduled to resurface this section of road next year already, and this is an opportune time to incorporate the four-lane to three-land conversion.

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1. Where is the project?
2. Why is MDOT doing this project?
3. What is the construction schedule?
4. What is included in this project?
5. What is a four- to three-lane conversion?
6. Why does the city support this project?
7. What are the safety benefits?
8. Why can't cyclists use a different route?
9. What will be the impact to traffic following the project?
10. How will the curve near Division Street look? Won't bike lanes be dangerous?
11. What will the Capital NE and Emmett Street intersection look like?
12. Can cars use the new center turn lane to pass Battle Creek Transit buses making stops?
13. Who should I contact with additional questions?