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Public Works Connects Us - Plow Painting 2017!

  1. As part of National Public Works Week this May, the city invited our Battle Creek and Lakeview elementary schools to paint a snow plow blade that will be displayed through the summer, and seen plowing again this winter.

  2. Five schools participated in this fun, new project, and their finished products will be displayed at our Department of Public Works, 150 S. Kendall St.

  3. We invite our neighbors and visitors to check out these great pieces, take photos of the finished products, and VOTE below for your favorite!

  4. Vote for your favorite snow plow blade painting!

  5. Ann J. Kellogg

    Ann J Kellogg

  6. Prairieview


  7. Riverside


  8. Valley View

    Valley View

  9. Verona


  10. THANK YOU!

    Thank you to all of the principals, teachers, and students who participated in this first-ever project in Battle Creek! Thank you to the City of Springfield for participating by sharing a plow blade for Valley View to paint! We hope everyone enjoys the display!

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