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1. What is the background on this intersection?
2. What would the roundabout look like?
3. What changes have occurred at the intersection since the 2018 fatal crash?
4. What are the current conditions at the intersection?
5. What are the advantages to a roundabout at Emmett/North?
6. Is it true that there are more crashes at roundabouts?
7. How would this compare to the Sprinkle Road roundabout in Kalamazoo?
8. How would this compare to the fountain roundabout in Marshall?
9. How would pedestrians use the roundabout?
10. Where would the city locate pedestrian crossings at a roundabout?
11. How much will the roundabout project cost?
12. Can the city install a pedestrian tunnel or bridge?
13. How do I ask the city additional questions about this?