Special Events

Community-wide, profit and nonprofit events using City property and/or services will require submittal of a Special Event Application request at least 30 days in advance of the scheduled activity.  For large events, significant coordination is required to make sure each event is safe and enjoyable for everyone from beginning to end; therefore, it is our recommendation that all applications for large events be submitted 90 days in advance.

Below are some examples of events that require a Special Event Permit:
  *Festival/Event on a street or in a City park or parking lot
  *Street Closure

Check out our Special Events Guidelines and Services brochure here!

  1. Permit Process
  2. Guidelines and Services
  3. Apply

The Special Event Permit Process is managed by the Office of the City Clerk.

The permit process begins when you submit your permit application to the Clerk. All attachments and supporting documentation should be submitted with the original application. An accurate representation of your entire proposed venue including event activity, parking, and vendor areas must be included on the site plan. An accurate representation of your entire proposed route including closures, barricade placement and/or police security must be included on the route map. Written authorization to use any property other than city streets or right-of-ways must be included with your permit application. Acceptance of your permit application or the initiation of the review process does not deem your permit application to be complete, nor should submission of a permit application be construed as final approval of your request. No set-up will be permitted before a permit is issued and dismantle must be completed by the time indicated on your permit. Your insurance must cover all time frames. If your event takes place over multiple sequential calendar days and the event plans are similar in nature from day-to-day, one application may be submitted to include all of your event plans per calendar year. The City of Battle Creek may also accept one permit application spanning a series of periodic dates for events such as concert series or farmer/art markets that have identical event set-up and dismantle times, site plans, and service providers. If your event plans vary significantly from day-to-day or have multiple distinct event types (e.g. a parade with a separate festival) that may be best managed as separate events, the city may require separate permit applications for the specific event types.

If your event will take place on private property, in addition to city streets and public right-of-ways, or if you plan to use private parking lots for the event attendees to park in, you are required to secure use of your desired venue/lot prior to submitting your Special Event Permit Application.  A written agreement with the property owner(s) must be submitted with the application.

Throughout the permit review process you may need to clarify your permit application by providing additional information or documents requested by any of the approving departments. At the sole discretion of the City of Battle Creek, you may be authorized to submit written amendments to your initial permit application due to unique or changing circumstances related to the event. Amendments to your permit application must be submitted to the City Clerk's Office. Delays in providing additional required information may affect the ability to finish reviewing your permit application in a timely manner or result in the determination that your permit application is incomplete and cannot be acted upon. In most instances Special Event Permits are issued only a few days in advance of the event date due to the many changing components of an event.