Minor Home Repair Program

The Minor Home Repair Program is available to eligible, low-income homeowners who need assistance with roofing, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, accessibility, or other necessary, qualifying repairs. Approved applicants can receive up to $5,000 of home repair assistance. The amount can be increased up to $12,000 for a new roof.

If your application is approved, the program will pay a qualified contractor to make specified repairs to your home. You will be required to sign a deferred loan for one-half the cost. This no interest loan is recorded as a lien against your property and becomes due when you sell your home or when you die. The other half of the project cost is covered by a grant that requires no repayment.

Before taking the time to apply, make sure you meet these requirements:

 You own and live in the home for which you are seeking repair assistance and the home is within the city limit of Battle Creek

 You have owned and occupied the home for at least six months

 Your home is not being purchased on land contract terms

 Your property taxes are current or no more than one year delinquent

 You have homeowner’s insurance and your policy is current

 You have not received assistance from this program in the past

 Your household income is at or below the amount listed for your household size:

Household Size
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Income Limit
$35,950 $41,100 $46,250 $51,350 $55,500 $59,600 $63,700 $67,800



Applications are available at:
City Hall
10 N Division Street
Room 117
Battle Creek, MI 49014

You may also download the Minor Home Repair Application (PDF) and return it to our office with copies of your supporting documents.

Contact the Housing Rehab Coordinator before submitting your application.

Important info about lead-based paint. Please read:


Contact:  Scott Parker, Housing Rehab Coordinator
Phone:  269-966-3323, or email:  smparker@battlecreekmi.gov