Mapping Applications


BC Map

Use this map application to view City of Battle Creek tax parcels, parcel dimensions, streets, aerial imagery, and elevation contours. View the mobile version (iOS/Android).

AGO Portal Thumbnail

ArcGIS Online Portal

This page contains mapping applications that are compatible with any modern browser (IE/FF/Chrome/Safari) and device (tablet/smartphone/pc). You can view all of our story maps using this link.
Voice a Concern Map Application
Voice a Concern Map Application
Use this application to report a problem that you have observed and the report details and location will be routed to appropriate city staff.  Thank you for your help in making Battle Creek a great community!
AGO Project Map Thumbnail
City of Battle Creek Current Construction Projects
Here you will find a comprehensive interactive map that shows the location of current and near future city projects as well as information about them.
AGO Linear Path Tour Thumb

Linear Park Path Photo Tour

This mapping application takes you on a photo tour of Battle Creek's Linear Park Path system.  The Linear Park Path system boasts over 30 miles of paved recreation trails, 7.5 of which is part of the North Country Scenic Trail, a 4,600 mile scenic trail connecting New York and North Dakota.

Trash & Recycling Pickup Schedule Map

Use this map application to determine what day of the week your curbside trash and recycling is scheduled to be picked up.


Calhoun County Internet Mapping Portal

Use this application to view various Calhoun County spatial assets.


Voting Information Web Map

Use this map to view voting information for the City of Battle Creek. Information includes ward number, commissioner name, precinct number, and polling location name and address.

Medical Marihuana Provisioning Center Web Map

Use this map to view available, pending, and approved parcels for medical marihuana provisioning centers. This map has daily updates which take approximately six minutes at 3PM and 5PM.