BCPD Priorities

The Battle Creek Police Department maintains a variety of internal and external priorities and uses many resources for education of both staff and the public. 

Here are some of the resources we use that we'd like to share with you:

Officer Down Memorial Page

The Officer Down Memorial Page is a website dedicated to "remembering all of law enforcement's heroes." ODMP is a nonprofit organization honoring the more-than 20,000 officers who have died in the United States.

BCPD Priorities - Internal

"What we focus on will grow"

1.) Professional development plan for the organization

Immediate promotions will establish clarity in chain of command, succession and Rating/Evaluation scheme.

2.) Enhanced accountability framework

Leaders lead, supervisors supervise (manage) and good employees are given opportunities to be great employees through counseling and honest evaluations.

Start with recognizing all are leaders in this community.

Command presence, uniform appearance followed with proper respect, politeness and decorum.

Practice Composite Risk Management (CRM) in all we do - training, operations, etc. Leaders will be intentional about this.

3. Seek efficiency in operations

Enhance use of technology combined with street smarts and common sense.

Fusion Cell

4. Improve Community Confidence in BCPD

Seek opportunities to build relationships, by focusing and executing exciting and effective strategies for each neighborhood.

Being responsive. Every officer has this responsibility - answer the phone and respond to emails and voicemails. Often, not responding is the driving force behind most complaints.

Impartiality in policing legitimizes our effort to do the right thing, for the right reason.

5. Improve morale. Embrace BCPD heritage

Seek opportunities to encourage growth, promote a job well done, pat on the back and acknowledge failures at any level is a leaders responsibility. Leaders take the heat when there is a failure and move swiftly to communicate and deal with it. We will not condone, make excuses, or attempt to gloss over them.

6. Improve the BCPD facilities

The BCPD facilities need to reflect the pride and professionalism demonstrated by the members of this department and designed to welcome in the community members.

BCPD Priorities - External

1. More productive partnerships and collaborative initiatives

NPC meetings and effective communication. Be prepared to attend and share more than what has been on the news. Recognize that these are the neighborhood leaders. Bring them on board and ask for their help. They will rise to the occasion.

Example organizations to rally for the cause of community safety: Nextdoor/Neighborhoods Inc., Citizens Police Academy, CERT, BC Pulse, TCC, Project 20/20, VOCES, Deaf Link, United Way, The Urban League, Church Organizations, NAACP, AMBUCS, Rotary, etc

2. Exciting and effective policing strategies

Use of the Intelligence Based Policing (Fusion Cell) - Develop what we know and push what we know into actionable objectives with community support.

Begin to De-emphasize 911 and rapid response for all calls for service. Doing more with less is an unreasonable expectation. Respond effectively, swiftly, smartly, and efficiently to emergencies and non-emergencies, etc. (Work with dispatch on actively/accurately communicating our response time and why.)

3. Community Policing and opportunities to promote this organization

An engaged Crime Prevention Unit - enhanced by smart patrol officers and investigators

Cops with Kids/Cops Talking with Students - getting Officers back into the schools, will need creativity and flexibility to get this done. These are our children. They need to see, know, and respect this profession.

Faith-based and other Non-profit organizations - Seek opportunities to get to know leaders and listen and work with them. Stop in, give them your name and contact information

Officers on Bikes/Coffee with a Cop/Cops on the Beat-linear path, and area neighborhood: Get out of the cars and make the time to do this. Fliers on crime prevention tips, progressive use of social media, and the internet to promote upcoming NPC meetings. Get in front of the public safety messaging. Lead this effort so others do not have too.

Endstate - 36 Months

Community Confidence restored

Community pride, trust, and confidence in police

Public/Private/community partnerships thriving

Safer, more vibrant neighborhoods

Healthier organizational culture

An emerging cadre of capable and prepared leaders

High performance, high morale organization

Facility Improvements