Hotel/Highway Interdiction Team (HHIT)


The Hotel and Highway Interdiction Team (HHIT) began in September of 2014. The goals for HHIT are to significantly reduce the amount of criminal activity and ensure business’ compliance to laws and regulations along the I-94 corridor.

HHIT consists of BCPD officers and a K9 along with one HSI agent. HHIT members are HSI Task Force Officers under Title 19. HHIT works closely with GSU, SIU, Fusion Center and the DB to identify and dismantle organized crime within the City of Battle Creek.

The BCPD and HSI members work together to coordinate resources used in the reduction of illegal drug activity, human trafficking and property crimes at area hotels in addition to interdicting criminal activity along the I-94 Corridor. This team relies on intelligence gathering and relationship building with the businesses along Beckley Rd that are directly affected by the criminal element at these local hotels.