Grant positions

Victim Advocate

The Victim Advocate is a three year grant-funded position housed within the Fusion Center. It is funded by a federal law enforcement-based victim services program grant (LEV grant). This position focuses on supporting victims of violent crimes from the onset of the critical incident through the criminal justice process. Within the Fusion Center, the Victim Advocate works with the community partners and analysts to comprehensively support victims of violent crime.

Violence Interventionist

The Battle Creek Community Foundation Violence Interventionists work in the community alongside the Victim Advocate. Their primary focus is providing community-based support for victims of crime. The Violence Interventionists maintain a caseload through referrals from the Victim Advocate, as well as self-directed individuals within the community. The Violence Interventionists aim to break the cycle of violence in the community and positively impact youth in Battle Creek.

BCCF Crime Analyst

The Crime Analyst is funded through an extension of the same grant funding as the Violence Interventionist. This analyst focuses on monitoring violent crime in the community and supporting law enforcement efforts to mitigate that violent crime. This analyst works closely with Fusion Center personnel, the Gang Suppression Unit, the Victim Advocate, and other community partners.