How often will this law be enforced?

Police Chief Jim Blocker has said this issue is no more a priority than other laws enforced by the Battle Creek Police Department. It is a tool officers can use when it is necessary, and when they have the time. Police also plan to use this as an educational opportunity, to get the message out into the community that distracted driving is not safe driving.

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1. What is the distracted driving ordinance?
2. Where is this law in effect?
3. When does the law take effect?
4. Isn't there a state law about texting while driving?
5. Do any other cities have a distracted driving law?
6. Why did the city create this ordinance?
7. Can I talk on my cell phone hands-free?
8. I am an amateur radio operator. Can I use my radio?
9. What about emergency situations? Can I use my phone then?
10. How often will this law be enforced?
11. Can police officers use their phones?
12. How many crashes are caused by distracted driving?
13. What is the fine for a distracted driving ticket?