Which city operations will happen at this facility?

The main operations will be to store our road salt, and liquid de-icer. The liquid is corn-based, and we store it in plastic tanks.

We have not finalized any other Public Works operations that might take place here, but they could include storage for our Signs and Signals Division, collection of street sweeper debris, and storage of our cold patch asphalt. We collect sweeper debris and store cold patch at the current salt storage facility.

We do not plan to collect yard waste here; those operations will continue at our compost site, Brice Pit, at 715 W. River Road.

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1. Why does the city need this new facility?
2. What will the facility look like?
3. Will we see a lot of extra truck traffic around the facility?
4. Will there be a lot of noise at the facility?
5. Will the trucks kick up dust at the facility?
6. What will this cost the community?
7. How are you handling environmental issues?
8. What will the facility look like around the outside?
9. What is the timeline for this project?
10. Which city operations will happen at this facility?
11. I have more questions. Who can I contact?