When do I need a permit?
A building permit is required for any new building, any addition to an existing building, and any alterations to an existing building which effects: the structural design of the building, mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems, and changes of the use of buildings or parts thereof. Below you will find a list of typical residential projects that require a building permit:
- Additions, interior structural alterations, finishing a basement or a portion thereof
- All decks, porches and three season rooms
- All pools that can hold 24 inches or more of water and hot tubs
- Attached or detached garages, sheds
- Automatic fire alarms
- Extensions to the plumbing, heating and electrical systems
- Fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, chimneys and gas inserts
- Generators
- Installation of sanitary, water service and irrigation systems
- Replacing or re-roofing or new siding
- Structural alterations to windows or doors

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