Environmental Services

The environmental program coordinator oversees important environmental issues in the Battle Creek area, including:

  • Brownfield redevelopment
  • Plan implementation
  • Projects related to water, sewer, solid waste, recycling and residential trash pickup
  • Storm water permit compliance
  • Wellhead/drinking water protection
  • Raising awareness in the community, through events like the Children's Water Festival and Krazy for the Kazoo (see calendar at right)
For more information regarding water quality issues and programs, please visit the Battle Creek Area Clean Water Partners website.


A watershed is an area where all water drains into the same surface source, based on topography -- the physical features of an area. In our case, it's the Kalamazoo River. The Kalamazoo River Watershed covers an area of 2,020 square miles, with many tributaries draining into the Kalamazoo River from over land, or from the ground.

Take the My Water Pledge!

The Wyland Foundation hosts a mayor's challenge for communities across the country. You can pledge to make water conservation efforts on behalf of the city, which helps protect our valuable water resources.

You can pledge to only wash full loads of clothes and dishes, commit to shorter showers, and more!

Start at www.mywaterpledge.com. Thank you!

Our 2021 calendar is now available!

Cover of 2021 community calendar. Bridge across river, with rocks on both banks. Trees, blue sky.

Check out the city's Sustainability Plan, new in 2019!

2019 Sustainability Plan cover image

Wellhead protection materials