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Small Business Development Opportunity

Battle Creek Transit is pleased to share information about the 42nd Annual Small Business Development Conference being held March 23-24 in Detroit, Michigan.  This conference is aimed at providing information to small business owners who want to see what other opportunities may be available to them.  For more information, and to register, click on this link 42nd Annual Small Business Development Conference.   Any additional questions may be directed to the Office of Business Development at Michigan Department of Transportation at 517-335-1708.  


Service Changes Effective December 19

Due to a staff shortage, Battle Creek Transit will make service adjustments to all modes of transportation starting Monday, December 19th. 


BCT fixed route service will only operate Monday - Friday from 5:15am - 6:45pm. Hourly bus routes will end each day at 6:15pm. In order to provide connections, all half-hour bus routes will be serviced at 6:15pm, ending each day at 6:45pm. Saturday fixed route service is temporarily suspended. 


In order to continue to provide service on all fixed routes, some buses will alternate between routes through the course of the day. 


The following routes will combine

1W - W. Michigan / 3W - Kendall Goodale 

            1W – serviced at :15 after each hour, bus stop pick-up/drop-off times remain the same.

            3W – only serviced at :45 after each hour. Updated service information below. 

                        Depart Transfer Center (TC) - :45

                        Washington & Champion - :50

                        Goodale & Redner - :55

                        Roosevelt & Springview – On the hour

                        Hubbard & Parkway - :05

                        Manchester & Washington - :10

                        Arrive TC - :13


2W - Columbia Territorial / 2E - Emmett/East Avenue – service will alternate between the 2W and 2E route, every hour at :15 after.  

            2W – serviced at 5:15am, 7:15am, 9:15am, 11:15am, 1:15pm, 3:15pm, 5:15pm

            2E – serviced at 6:15am, 8:15am, 10:15am, 12:15pm, 2:15pm, 4:15pm, 6:15pm 

                        Depart TC - :15

                        K.C.C. - :20

                        Emmett & McKinley - :25

                        East Ave & Roosevelt - :30

                        Bronson Outpatient - :35

                        North Ave & Garfield - :40

                        Arrive TC - :43


3E - Main/Post / 4N - NE Capital - this route will service the 3E route at :15 after each hour and the 4N route at :45 after each hour. 

            3E – serviced only at :15 after each hour.

                        Depart TC - :15

                        Main & Willow - :20

                        Taft & Kingman - :25

                        Post Cereal - :30

                        Main & Mary - :35

                        Michigan & Division - :40

                        Arrive TC: :43

            4N – serviced only at :45 after each hour. 

                        Depart TC- :45

                        Capital & Union - :50

                        Capital & Emmett - :55

                        Family Fare – On the hour

                        Capital & Emmett (inbound) - :05

                        Capital & Union (inbound) - :10

                        Arrive TC - :13


4S - SW Capital will continue to run every hour, no change.


5W - Fort Custer/VA will continue to run every hour. The VA express will also continue as scheduled in the early morning and late afternoon at :45 after, no change.


Tele-Transit will provide service from 5 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday through Friday. This temporarily eliminates the service Tele-Transit typically provides until midnight. Tele-Transit will also not run on Saturdays, starting Saturday, December 24.


BCGo will provide service from 6 a.m. - 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. Saturday service is temporarily suspended starting Saturday, December 24. 


If you need assistance planning your trip, please call BCT dispatch at 269-966-3474. 


BCT Fare Change

Battle Creek Transit will operate with new fares on our fixed route and tele-transit services starting July 1, 2022.   

Fixed route single ride trips are $1.75 ($0.85 reduced fare).  Tele-Transit single ride trips are $7.00 5am-7pm, $5.00 7pm-12am and $3.00 for ADA/reduced fare/senior passengers.

Bus Passes can be purchased at Full Blast, City Hall and our BCT Administrative Office.  New pass rates are listed below:

Fixed Route Passes:
12 RIde - $15.00
12 Ride (reduced) - $8.00
48 Ride - $56.00
48 Ride (reduced) - $34.00
48 Ride (student) - $45.00

Tele-Transit Passes:
10 Ride - $50.00
10 Ride (ADA/Reduced) - $30.00
20 Ride - $100.00
20 Ride (ADA/Reduced) - $60.00
Any BCT passes purchased prior to July 1, 2022 will be accepted,  however, If you still have the punch pass style of bus pass, these will NOT be accepted.   You can exchange those at Battle Creek Transit for the individual passes, or hang onto them because we do anticipate going back to that style eventually. 

If you have any questions regarding any of the fare changes, please call 269-966-3474,




Monday, February 20, 2023, Administrative offices will be closed for President's Day.  Buses, Tele-Transit, and BCGo WILL run scheduled service.


BCGo is a pilot program demonstrating the feasibility of an on-demand transportation system in Calhoun County.  This pilot program is funded through a Michigan Department of Transportation grant and is expected to operate for a period of 12 consecutive months.  BCGo is operated by Battle Creek Transit, a department of the City of Battle Creek, and collaborating agencies.  These collaborating agencies may operate vehicles that do not reflect the BCGo name or branding but are operating the same BCGo on-demand software as part of the pilot demonstration.

Trips can be booked by using the BCGo App or by calling Battle Creek Transit Dispatch at (269) 966-3474.  The pilot will initially operate Monday-Friday from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

For more information and a listing of frequently asked questions, click on the following link:


Battle Creek Go (


BCT's Administrative Lobby has reopened HOWEVER, you are still able to conduct business at our walk up window at 339 W. Michigan Avenue, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. as well.    Passes can also be exchanged or purchased at Full Blast.

Riders who still have multi-ride punch passes must exchange them for books of individual ride tickets, for any remaining rides on the pass.  Riders can purchase new books of individual tickets at the same rate as the multi-ride punch pass.

This change is to keep contract between drivers and passengers at a minimum, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.  Riders will show the driver the front of the pass when boarding through the front door, and request a transfer at that time, if needed.  Transfers remain free.

Whenever possible, riders should exit Transit vehicles through the rear doors, unless they need to use the lift or ramp.

Transit had operated, temporarily, fare-free from March 2020 to September 2020, so we could continue public transportation services to the community, while also helping prevent the spread of the virus.  This was equal to almost half of Transit's annual fare revenues.  The Transit team spent the time since implementing a fare collection procedure that is safe for our passengers and our staff. 

Bus fare remains at $1.25 per ride.  Riders must pay exact case fare; drivers cannot make change.

Please wear a mask while using Transit services, and observe the social distancing markings inside the vehicles. 



Bid & Proposal solicitations are currently available from the City of Battle Creek...include Battle Creek Transit when available. Click on the following link for a complete list:


Bid & Proposal Solicitations | Battle Creek, MI (



Please click on the tab on the left entitled Guidelines for your Safety and Comfort for important information regarding shopping carts on BCT vehicles.

Please click on the tab on the left entitled Guidelines for your Safety and Comfort for important information regarding shopping carts on BCT vehicles.