Block Party Permits

Block Parties are a great way to bring your neighbors together and build community, to observe a special event or simply for mutual solidarity and enjoyment.  Private parties or family events are not considered Block Parties and will not be approved.

​If you are interested in having a Block Party in your neighborhood and would like to temporarily close a street, complete the Block Party Application below.

Applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the desired date.  The Block Party must be sponsored by a neighborhood organization or an individual who lives on the block to be closed.

Applications can be obtained from the City Clerk's Office or click here to open the application.

*No applications will be accepted less than 30 days from the date of the Block Party. 

Block Party2


The City of Battle Creek has provisions and guidelines for closing off certain streets for neighborhood block parties:

  • Applicant - The applicant must reside on the block and is responsible for the event – including setup and take-down of the barricades, cleanup of the public right-of-ways and maintaining a clear lane for emergency vehicles.
  • Conditions - The Block Party may begin no earlier than 8:00 am and must end no later than one half hour after sunset.  No admission fee may be charged. Entertainment must not interfere with neighbors off the block.  All local, state, and federal, laws, codes and regulations must be complied with. Parked or moving vehicles shall not be located in the Block Party Venue during the Block Party. The Block Party Venue shall be clean, free of equipment, and restored to public access immediately upon conclusion of the Block Party.
  • Petitions - All residents on the block must be contacted and invited before the application is submitted.  At least 51% of the residents on the block must be in favor of the party and must complete and sign the “Block Party Petition Form”. 
  • Street Closings - Block Parties may only be held on local streets approved by the Traffic Engineer.  Only one (1) block may be closed for one (1) day.  The street must always be accessible to emergency personnel and vehicles.  No permits will be issued for main and secondary main streets. 
  • Barricades - Barricades are to be used for all street closures.  Barricades can only be placed in the street between the hours of 8:00 am and dusk, and must be easily removed for access by emergency vehicles.  Tables or vehicles cannot be used to block the streets.  Applicant must pick up and return barricades to the Department of Public Works (fees, if applicable, will be invoiced).
  • Alcoholic Beverages - Consumption of alcoholic beverages on any public property including streets, curb lawn and sidewalks is prohibited.  
  • Clean Up - The applicant is responsible for the removal of trash and debris. If event area is not returned to the original condition, the City will provide the cleanup services and assess cost to the applicant.
  • Damages - The City retains the right to assess for damages to City property and/or equipment.
  • Permit - Upon approval of the application by all departments, a permit will be issued to the applicant.  The applicant should carefully read the permit and comply with any requirements listed.  The applicant must be present at the Block Party at all times.  Posting of the permit will be required on the barricades. 
  • Inflatables - If inflatables (bouncy houses, slides, obstacle courses, etc.) are placed on public property the “Agreement for Use of Inflatables on City Property” form must be completed (Insurance may also be required).

  • Noise - Block Party participants must comply with the City's Noise Ordinance

Questions?  Contact Us:

City Clerk's Office
10 N. Division Street, Room 111
Battle Creek, MI 49014
(269) 966-3348