BCPS Housing Incentive Program

BCPS housing incentive


Everyone benefits when teachers live in communities where they work. Battle Creek Public Schools and the City of Battle Creek are partnering to offer the BCPS Housing Incentive Program, which provides financial assistance to help teachers and administrators buy and/or renovate a home in a targeted area in the city.  

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The BCPS Housing Incentive Program is designed to attract teachers to live in neighborhoods within the district, by providing down payment assistance, matching funds for needed improvements, funds for curb appeal improvement, or rental assistance. The program also provides an incentive to teachers already living in the district who want to make improvement to their existing home, including curb appeal improvements. Teachers and administrators are just as vital to the community as they are to our schools and students, and we want to ensure they can lay roots here in Battle Creek.

How it works

Home Purchase Assistance - new Homeowners (within the program area) - Eligible applicants, who are new home buyers within the BCPS target area, can receive financial assistance of up to 20 percent of the home’s value -- or a maximum of $10,000 -- toward the down payment and closing costs, or for mortgage buy-down to reduce monthly mortgage expenses.

Homeowner Renovation Assistance - new and existing homeowners (within the program area) - Eligible applicants can receive up to $10,000 in matching funds for home improvement projects. Eligible projects include addressing health and safety issues, repair or replacement of housing elements with a useful life of less than five years, and updating or addressing the lack of an amenity common to the local housing market.

Curb Appeal Improvement - New and existing homeowners can receive up to $1,000 in curb appeal improvement funds.

Rental Assistance - Eligible applicants can receive up to $4,500 in rental funds for new leases signed before May 31, 2020.

To access these benefits, eligible applicants must remain employed by BCPS, and use the home as their primary residence, for at least three years. Those who do not fulfill the criteria will be responsible for 100 percent repayment.

City’s role

  • Contract personnel to serve as a point of contact for applicants; review of application;, field questions from applicants, Realtors and lenders regarding the home buying and rehabilitation process; and make referrals to home buyer education and credit repair agencies as needed.
  • Home purchase with rehab - Construction is coordinated around the purchase of the property. Completion deadlines will vary depending on the scope of work, but generally do not exceed 60 days from closing.
  • City Housing Coordinator will prepare cost estimates for repairs, home buyer agreement (if applicable) and bid packages, and present them to the applicant for review.
  • City staff will manage construction and payment of contractors.
  • Final payment and inspection report are approved by both the City and the homeowner.

Lending, home buyer education, and credit counseling

  • Pool of lenders available with loan products designed to complement the program.
  • City will assemble local home buyer education and credit repair options for applicants.

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For more information contact the Enrollment Coordinator, Laura Otte, at 269-966-3330 or bcpshousingincentive@battlecreekmi.gov