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Effective 11/16/2020, City Hall is closed to the public. Applications or correspondence can be mailed in or dropped in the blue drop box at the north end of the City Hall parking lot. Please address include "Planning Division" on the front of the envelope to ensure it is routed to the correct department.

If you need assistance, please call us at 269-966-3320. If we cannot answer, please leave a message. Email messages are preferred and may result in quicker response.

Eric Feldt, AICP, CFM, Senior Planner

Glenn Perian, Senior Planner

Christine Zuzga, AICP, Planning Manager


The Planning and Zoning Division maintains and provides information relative to land use regulations, including allowable uses and development regulations. Staff performs review of building and zoning (fence/signs) permit applications, various licensing applications, and site plans for all multi-family residential, commercial, and industrial expansions and new projects to ensure compliance with the zoning ordinance.


The department assists petitioners with the process for applications, including subdivisions, rezoning requests, special use permits, variances, site plans, and other applicable requests, and provides staff support to the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, and the Historic District Commission. Applications and/or petitions relative to these boards, including members and meeting dates, may be found in the Boards and Commissions section.

Zoning Ordinances


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  Zoning Ordinances - Available Online under Part Twelve

Current Projects

Zoning Ordinance and Map Update
Planning staff has been working on an updated and reformatted Zoning Ordinance and Map (ZOMA) for the City of Battle Creek. The proposed ordinance provides updated definitions, combines zoning districts that have historically functioned the same, updates the list of permitted and special uses for each district, allows for mixed commercial and residential used in structures along core commercial corridors, and corrects several legal nonconforming issues. The zoning ordinance has re-formatted to make it easier to read and utilize in electronic and printed format. In addition a revised zoning map is being proposed to reflect the updated zoning districts proposed by the ordinance and correct legal nonconforming issues. 

Zoning Ordinance DRAFT
Zoning Map DRAFT

The Planning Commission, at their October 28, 2020 regular meeting, unanimously approved a motion to recommend approval of the draft Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map to the City Commission. Both documents were introduced by the City Commission at their meeting on November 10, 2020, and will be placed on the November 24, 2020 agenda for adoption.

The following are pulled from the overall zoning ordinance, and may be of particular interest:

  • Land Use Table - lists all uses allowed in the city, showing in which zoning districts they are allowed, and if they are permitted by accessory or special use
  • Zoning Districts - provides an overview of each district, purpose statement, list of permitted uses, and development standards
Interactive zoning map (Find your property!)

Zoning map draft image 2020

Find more information by watching the September episode of Keeping You Informed, online here:

Share feedback at 269-966-3320 or

McCamly/Van Buren parking lot

City and state representatives are collecting feedback on the city-owned parking lot at the southwest corner of this intersection, downtown. There are no pending redevelopment plans for this property, and the study will analyze possible opportunities at the site. Information from a previous public meeting, and a new survey, will help ongoing development efforts in and around downtown.

Non-Motorized Transportation Plan update
The city is updating the 2006 Non-Motorized Transportation Plan in 2019 to ensure bicyclists, walkers, kayakers/canoers, joggers, and others continue to have safe, accessible, and well-maintained routes around town and beyond. Over the last 13 years, new routes and infrastructure have been established. Additional routes, signage, and community needs have been discussed, but need a formal plan for implementation. We hope to accomplish this with the update. Learn more by clicking here

Jackson/Hamblin Sub-Area Plan
The City of Battle Creek Planning Division has contracted with Rosetti to develop a sub-area plan for Jackson and Hamblin, between Washington and Kendall. The sub-area plan will develop a vision for this neighborhood as it relates to land use, roads and utilities, and future development. The City had an initial workshop with property owners on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 to refine the vision for this area and discuss any current concerns with future property plans. The meeting presentation is here. Please call the Planning Division with any questions. 

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Prior to starting any project on your property, please call 269-966-3320 to determine the applicable regulations specific to your property and project, as well as the appropriate review process that may be necessary.

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